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8 Ports GSM FWT(quad-band frequency)

Model No: FWT2010-8-400

1, What is FWT and function?
1.1, The full name of FWT is Fixed Wireless Terminal, designed to work on mobile frequency networks. It can be connected to single line telephones(SLT) or PABX systems using analogue SLT ports. It takes a standard mobile phone sim card and make a call.

1.2, It is often used when a landline connection is not available where voice, fax or internet are required. It is connection of landline type devices such as telephones, fax machines and computers. You can take easy with FWT. It can also be connected to a phone system to help reduce the cost of calling mobile phones.


1.3, Our GSM FWT meets to the China National Communication Standards YD/T884-1996. It also accord with the Europe Communication Standards. It is permitted to use in GSM network.

1.4, It is a mobile phone like device that produces a dial tone and make a call

1.5, SZRUNSUN 8 Ports GSM FWT is RJ-11 of FXS port connection of any PBX, VoIP Gateway, headline phones or system.


Specific function

1)  standard RJ-11 of FXS to telephone or voip gateway & PABX & PSTN

2)  DTMF detector in RJ-11
3)  Precise reverse polarity
4)  Caller id (DTMF,ONE RING) to telephone or voip gateway & PABX
5)  Single-handed power switch
6)  LED indicating Hook On/Off,Talking,signal intensity,Power On/Off
7)  Strong signals with high gain antenna

8)  Add prefixed IP number to dail

9)  Second dial tone

10)Base station rotation

11)Make and receive a call as a phone


Optional Function:

    bar incoming calls

    lock sim card

    Change IMEI number

    Setting 10 groups aliasing

    Setting dial-up delay time

    Set waiting time of dialing out

    Setting 10 group of forbidden dail number

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